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Top 5 Things Most Businesses Forget to Clean

We get it, when running a business, office or facility, there is plenty to manage and keep you busy on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, keeping a clean business is often overlooked and is not as high of a priority as other factors. Because of this, there are plenty of spaces that are often neglected, and we compiled a list of the top 5 most commonly missed spots while cleaning your facility.

Air Vents

Inside of your facility, or anywhere in general, heating and air conditioning is a key and central component. But when was the last time you got your high vents cleaned or even looked at for that matter? These are easy to ignore, and over time dust along with other particles will start to form in the air ducts. This can ultimately end up circulating throughout the air.

Why is it Important?

Dust in vents can trigger people's allergies. Period. You are also running the risk of any mold existing to be circulated throughout which will end up getting employees sick. This ultimately decreases productivity.

Light Fixtures

Similar to air vents, they can be difficult to reach, thus easily neglected. Over time, there will be a lot of dust that gets collected on these surfaces.

Why is it Important?

To put it simply, the light won't shine as bright if the fixtures are caked in dust. As stated above, any type of wind gusts within the office will blow the dust collected and end up circulating throughout the air in the entire facility.

Knobs and Light Switches

In case you are not aware as of yet, these surfaces specifically are a complete hotbed of germs and bacteria! Why? Door knobs and light switches are one of the most heavily used and touched surfaces throughout a typical day. Unless the dirt is physically visible, these surfaces are often times very much neglected when cleaning.

Why is it Important?

Surface contact is one of the most common ways of the spread of disease. If you consider how fast a cold can spread, one person can touch a door knob or light switch and before you know it a good portion of your employees will be taking their sick time.

Trash Cans

We all take out the trash on a daily basis, or as needed (hopefully). However, have you ever taken a peek underneath the bag to find all sorts of fluid, debris build up? If you have, did you ever clean out the can or just put a replacement bag over the top of it? Believe it or not, most people do the latter, and this leaves the trash cans some of the dirtiest items in the office.

Why is it Important?

Unlike previously stated examples above, this most likely will not make your office or work setting sick. What ends up circulating this time is horrible smelling odors circulating from the trash can itself. Not only that but it can generate different types of bugs or even little critters! Not to mention it just would not look pleasant and just straight up disgusting.


One of the surfaces that are, or should be cleaned daily or weekly are the floors. How often are stairs included in this? To put it lightly, not too often and almost never. Especially if you have carpeting, in high traffic areas such as stairs you will begin to notice spots or even carpet discoloring as it gets worn down and dirty. The crevices on the stairs can be hard to reach as well which is a great place for dust and other things to build up.

Why is it Important?

With this being a high traffic area, it is seen fairly often and can create a bad image for your company. Especially if your customers end up using it! Even if they don't, it's the little things that boost employee morale and makes you and everyone else just feeling positive when working in the office.

There is a way to ensure that your offices or facilities stay clean and in the best shape possible! By hiring a professional commercial cleaning company, you will never have to worry about neglecting these areas ever again.

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