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The Startling Truth of DUST and Why It's So Important to KEEP OUT!

ACHOO! ACHOO! Sound familiar? This may be the most startling sound only behind our alarm clocks going off in the morning. Or, maybe we are just so used to hearing it constantly whether it be in the workplace, in the comfort of our own homes that we just simply do not even notice it half the time. For me at least I am not sure what is more startling! All too often I hear which I am sure most of you could attest to "my allergies are really bad today", but what really is the culprit behind all of this? The answer more often than not is right in front of us! DUST!

First, the million-dollar question -what exactly IS dust? It could be a combination of dead skins cells, hair, fibers, pollen, but probably the most gross and dangerous element is that bugs can even live in dust. YEAH, BUGS! Everyone knows or has dealt with the struggle of dust whether it be a constant build up and will not seem to ever go away or we just straight up ignore it! It is one of the upmost important aspects of cleaning yet it is everywhere! It is impossible to avoid, but can be cut back significantly with all of the other nuances attached to dust build up with the appropriate cleaning approach.

Protecting your workplace -hopefully not from home in the near future-is of the upmost importance and while dust is for obvious reasons a major eyesore it can also increase the spread of sickness and even allergies! Everyone has at one point felt the main symptoms of allergies such as coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose etc. and while not Earth shattering it could lead to additional consequences especially now! It heightens the chance for these symptoms to spread thus leading to more potential sick days and affecting productivity.

All too often I will walk into offices and workspaces and ask myself if/when this place was dusted last (weird I know!). But if you really think about it, you could spend all this time and money for janitorial services and not even get to experience the full feeling of a clean space. Let's be real, from my past experience I've noticed PROFESSIONALS clean with a re-used rag or cloth over and over again or just not even bother. And let me tell you I can't recall a time when there wasn't at least one person out sick. I will end my rant there since the main point for that was trying to point out how much of an impact a dusty workplace can have with appearance and most importantly the safety of yourself and others.

Be safe and vigilant out their folks! And always remember, life in the dust lane can fore sure take you out of the fast lane! Get it? Trying too hard? Looking for some additional help or guidance please feel free to reach out because we actually dust!

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