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Industries/Facility Types we Serve 

Class-A Commercial Office Space

We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain the jewels of our clients' facility portfolios.  Class-A space only stays that way if it is maintained consistently and with the utmost care.  Being part of our city's skyline has always been important to us and we are always working to improve ourselves to serve the needs of these clients.

Mid-Rise Commercial Office Space

We started in 1987 serving PNC and Fleet banks.  From those early days we realized how important servicing the core mid-rise office segment was to building a janitorial brand that stands out.  We continue that tradition today, leveraging all that we've learned along the way.  


BCS serves over 5 million square feet of industrial space in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  We pride ourselves in understanding the unique needs of warehouse and distribution centers.  We have built a team with extensive experience in the industrial segment and look forward to working with you and your facility soon.


Give us a call!  215-550-1820

Places of Worship

We believe that places of worship are extremely important to the fabric of our society and as such we have built a great relationship with countless churches in our area.  We would love to speak with you about your needs.

Medical Facilities

From one-person psychology practices all the way up to multi-room surgical centers, BCS has a dedicated team that works exclusively on their medical services practice.  We take this work very seriously and look forward to helping you think through your facility's maintenance program.


Stadiums are one of the most logistically challenging cleaning projects in the facilities maintenance world.  BCS Facilities Group has the experience and the know-how to transform your stadium from post-event mess to pre-event clean and ready.  We have a dedicated team with a deep understanding of the stadium cleaning logistics process and we're sure we can help you with whatever stadium cleaning needs you may have.

Give us a call!  215-550-1820

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