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Tell-Tale Signs That It Might Be Time To Change Your Cleaning Company

When it comes to finding the right cleaning service for your office space, you want to make sure you get the best quality of cleaning you deserve! Too many times do we all fall under the trap of a good first impression, however when the work begins the service seemingly falls off to the point of wondering if they even show up. And to top it all off you are more than likely stuck and locked in with some sort of contractual agreement with what seems like is forever and a day. This is seen to happen far too often when a cleaning company starts cutting corners because they either underestimated time to complete the scope of work and/or they estimated wages due to "low-balling" the price initially leading to additional difficulty in finding higher quality staff.

Here are just a few tell-tale signs that your cleaning company no longer is making you a priority and that it may be time to make a change:

Slow Reactions to Calls, Service Issues or Complaints

There will be times where things are missed or an issue occurs. It happens. We are all human beings and human error is bound to happen. However, when issues or complaints do happen your service contractor should be prompt in their response time. If the issues are happening more frequently or you just straight up are not receiving timely correspondence, this could be a tell-tale sign that your cleaning company may be stretched too thin. Not to mention it could be a red flag that there may be deeper problems within the respective company itself. Ask yourself when was the last time you received proactive communication from your cleaning service?

Staff Is Starting To Complain More Than Usual

The whole purpose of outsourcing your cleaning is to (let's face it) make your job AND life a whole lot easier. The goal here is to not be bothered by mundane cleaning issues. If you are starting to get bombarded with comments from employees in regards to the toilet paper running out, no paper towels, if your office ACTUALLY GETS DUSTED, etc. then it may be a warning sign that your cleaning company is no longer dedicated to you.

Unrecognizable Faces Cleaning Your Space

Each office, warehouse, facility is not ever one in the same and with this come specific nuances that must be handled appropriately. This is something that will be figured out by a dedicated contractor and its staff that is assigned to the task at hand. As with anything else, there will be some turnover expected since the cleaning services industry specifically has a high turnover rate of nearly 200%. If this is happening fairly often, this could point to a possible HR issue within the company with the inability to keep its employees. Not to mention it will cost YOU in the quality of service provided and could lead to a potential security issue.

Your Primary Contact Changes Often

This is probably going to be the greatest tell-tale sign of all that there are some lingering issues with your current cleaning service provider. You have absolutely no idea who is in charge or who to call if you need to get in contact with the company. As just previously noted, turnover is higher in this industry, but in the manager-level positions this is a sign that there may be trouble ahead. This is an indicator of a troubled and unhealthy culture lying within the company.

If some or all of these problems persist, then it may be time to start preparing for a change. Develop a game plan and set a list of expectations not only for the next service contractor to walk through your doors but for yourself and your business's safety in mind.

BCS Facilities Group can help you with cleaning of your commercial or industrial facility. We strive to build and grow a world class service organization.

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