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Lacking that Spring Cleaning Motivation? Major Benefits of Spring Cleaning in the Workplace.

April showers bring May flowers. That is the saying right? Everybody loves this time of year as we put the dreaded dark, cold days of winter behind us and welcome in warmer weather and sunshine! With summer right around the corner and everybody's minds looking ahead towards beach days and vacation, it is easy to overlook some of the nuances this time of year brings! You guessed it! SPRING CLEANING! As we "spring" forward -quite literally- with our clocks into the new season it feels like somewhat of a fresh restart in a way. But, with every "restart" needs a fresh and clean slate if you will. Seeing where I'm going with this one yet? That dreaded spring cleaning that nobody really loves to do but brings this sense of accomplishment and satisfaction once completed.

Hopefully this article helps provide some motivation to help accomplish this seemingly daunting task with some of the top benefits it comes with. Now more than ever spring cleaning is of the utmost importance as more and more people are moving back into the office. Let's have a clean, and safe welcoming back!

Increases Productivity

In the workplace one of the most important attributes is having high employee morale. A clean office can be related for example to buying yourself a new pair of shoes or new shirt with that boost in confidence it can give you. As with anyone, once the nice weather comes around you want to just open all the windows and doors to let in that fresh spring air but come to notice the cleaning neglect with the dust and cobwebs that have built up. It has been proven that cleaner air quality has been linked to increased productivity and better job satisfaction with employees. It's been a while I am sure since everybody has seen each other in the workplace setting so let's make it the most positive experience we can!

Increases Your Immune System

Spring cleaning this year may be the most important one in our lifetime. With workplaces reopening and vaccines becoming widely available our health and safety is more important than ever. It has been a long time coming - over a year - that we have waited for this so let's make sure we are doing our due diligence. Dust, mold, and mildew amongst other things are the main sources of buildup that can trigger the allergy feels with the majority of this accumulating in the winter months believe it or not! The next point I will touch on can most certainly be connected to the first two I just went over as well.

Decreases Stress

Let's be real, work is stressful, for most we want to eliminate any unnecessary stressors so we can at least do our jobs as successfully as possible. Keeping your workplace clean is good for your mental health as it helps you think, focus, work, and just feel all around better. There are studies out there that show eliminating build up and clutter have a positive influence on daily moods which increases the ability to focus! Which increases productivity! Stress is unavoidable for the most part as it's a part of life, but TOO much stress can be harmful as it can lower your immune system.

These are just a few of the major benefits of spring cleaning. Now get out there with your mops and broom sticks and stop procrastinating already! Always, always, always remember to DUST. Let's make this the best AND cleanest year yet!

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