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Types of Services Offered By Janitorial Companies

It seems like a pretty simple question and answer don't you think? Well, that's because it is, but this post will help you better understand some terminology used in the industry. You may come to realize that janitorial companies may be able to provide more services than you ever would consider.

As you look around the industry you will notice many companies refer to themselves as "building service contractors", "commercial janitorial services", "custodial services", or even just "commercial cleaning services". To put it simply, there is not much of a difference at all with these "labels" if you will. Mainly, it depends on who is asking for the services. For example, schools ask for "custodial services", medical facilities ask for "housekeeping services", commercial office buildings may ask for "cleaning services" or even "janitorial services" for manufacturing plants and warehouses. These are all interchangeable terms for the most part.


Daily Service - Anything that involves ongoing, daily, routine care of the facility. These tasks are broken into four primary categories and usually outlined in the scope of work on the proposal document:

  • Trash removal

  • Routine floor care

  • Dusting and wiping surfaces

  • Restroom/breakroom services - this includes everything listed above, in addition to replenishing consumable products (toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, etc.)

Day Porter Service - This is most common with facilities that have a large number of daily users of the building. This includes employees, visitors, students, patients, etc. A Day Porter cleans and keeps things "tidy" in high use areas throughout the day. These spaces can be lobbies, common areas, restrooms or breakrooms, kitchens, cafeterias, outside areas.

Disinfecting Service - This has always been an important offering of janitorial companies with disinfecting high touch areas/surfaces to reduce the spread of viruses. It just so happens that COVID-19 has pushed this into the forefront of everyone's minds.

Hard Surface Floor Restoration - Periodically, restoration services will be needed to protect and maintain certain floor surfaces. Some hard surface floors that need maintenance include but not limited to vinyl composite tile (VCT), ceramic tile, wood, concrete, terrazzo. Some of the terminology used for these restoration services are "strip and wax", "recoating" or "deep scrubbing".

Carpet Restoration - Just like hard surface flooring above, carpeted flooring surfaces also require periodic work. I know what you may be thinking right off the bat. No, carpet shampooing is NOT what is performed by commercial cleaning companies. Instead, carpets are normally cleaned through processes such as encapsulation, bonnet cleaning or even dry carpet cleaning.

Window Cleaning - For the most part, the cleaning of entryway doors and interior glass (office partitions, etc.) is all part of the daily services. However, the cleaning of exterior windows (inside and outside) are usually listed as a separate service. There is a specific deionizing cleaning system that eliminates water spots when it comes to exterior windows.

In conclusion, when you are in your search to outsource your cleaning services, make certain you are inquiring about a detailed list of service offerings as well as coming up with a plan for scheduling these project-based services.

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