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Day Porters: Who They Are and What Services They Offer

To put it simply, day porters and day porter services are the unsung heroes of workspace sanitation and an investment that would be worthwhile for any type of business. These services are great at maintaining a healthy, clean and safe work environment through daily janitorial services. This is a highly specialized position that keeps your building looking phenomenal when that unexpected guest visits, employees and customers. Day porters look for ways to optimize the upkeep process to ensure everything runs smoothly. Let's take a deeper dive at exactly what day porter services entail.

What Is a Day Porter?

Day porters, to put it simply, are present during the actual work day during your work hours maintaining the cleanliness of your facility. Typical janitorial contractors operate after work hours with a specific scope of work. Day porters are also professionally trained with the proper skills to conduct best practices and use advanced equipment for proper disinfection of the workplace. They disinfect/sanitize high touch and high traffic areas throughout the day to prevent bacteria buildup to lessen the chance of illness.

Customizable and Easy to Manage

One of the more unique aspects of day porter services and quite frankly goes with the BCS motto, day porter service schedule and checklists are completely customizable to fit YOUR needs. If there are more difficult areas or aspects that need to be cleaned more frequently, day porters can most certainly add to their checklist of duties. Day porters' jobs are to ultimately care for your building or facility to the best of their ability which makes communication with them crucial so you get the best outcome possible.

By having a day porter in your workspace, they essentially become an extension of your staff. At the end of the day, your janitorial contractor manages the day porters, so if a problem arises you can reach out to your janitorial contractor to aid in and address the issues.

Extended Hours of Cleanliness

Day porters are great at time management and find the most effective ways to keep your business clean for longer periods of time. If you already have a cleaning service that comes after hours like most, what happens when you have busy days where your bathrooms end up with piles of paper towels by the trash and no toilet paper and unflushed toilets? Most ordinary employees will not be going out of their way to clean that up. Day porters make sure that every single day, no matter what time it is, that your facility looks top-notch.

Contact BCS Facilities Group TODAY to learn more about how our day porter services can assist you in your janitorial needs!

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