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Busting Common Myths Associated With Commercial Cleaning

Whether or not you currently are using a commercial cleaning company, there exists many common fallacies associated with the industry altogether. Together, let's take a look and hopefully shed some light on the truths, rather than the myths.

Only Necessary When Visibly Dirty

This one couldn't be further from the truth. Regardless if you work in an office, warehouse, manufacturing facility etc., it is very important to maintain proper sanitation in the workspace. When you stay consistent with maintaining a certain level of cleanliness, this will ensure all clients and employees remain safe from viruses, bacteria or any type of infections or disease. You will also not have to worry about the buildup of that unwanted dust, dirt, grime. Remember, all because it's not visible doesn't mean it can't cause you harm!

Subpar Service

This very well may be the case for some (not all) cleaning companies. With us here at BCS Facilities Group, we treat every job, big or small the exact same way with our core values intact. Each facility is unique in its own way and our employees are specifically trained to see the place just like you do! This industry can be filled with a bunch of overpromising and underdelivering. But, if you are a believer in treating your front-line employees well, then you will see less turnover and better results! It's time to break that cycle of good service for a few months only to finds yourself scrambling to find a better service immediately after. We view ourselves as an extension of your staff and work with all of our clients to ensure that every partnership is of benefit to both parties involved. One that doesn't dissolve after the initial starting period.

Too Expensive

All too often do we hear about companies saying that outsourcing their cleaning isn't a top priority since it is believed that this can be something done in-house and not a necessary expense for them to accrue. Our response to this would be is that while you may not like seeing the "red" coming out of the bank account every month, it will behoove you in the long haul with less money and time spent! Even if it doesn't seem like it immediately. We are a believer in "price is what you pay, value is what you get". Stop worrying about wasting your employees time on cleaning, liabilities associated with injuries while cleaning, or even actually having someone on payroll for this and leave it to professionals to manage all that and provide more value to your facility. Our services are customizable to YOUR specific needs and are always here to serve YOU.

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