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Janitorial Services in Levittown, PA

BCS Facilities Group is the leading family owned and operated commercial cleaning company in Levittown, PA.

More than 30 years ago, BCS Facilities Group started and since then has been perfecting the science of facilities maintenance. We service a vast number of industries such as but not limited to office spaces, car dealerships, manufacturing plants and even baseball stadiums!  We treat our services for each facility the exact same way, personally!  We know that no two jobs are ever the same so BCS provides a fully customizable experience tailored to YOUR needs.


Our services include (but not limited to):

  • Daily/weekly Janitorial Services

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Tile Maintenance

  • Window Washing

  • Disinfection services to help combat COVID-19


BCS enthusiastically provides high quality service which consistently produces high quality results.  Offering competitive personalized quotes compared to the industry standard, BCS also provides a flexible cleaning schedules ranging from any time day or night!  There is NO service too big or small for BCS to handle given our unique background and experience.


Call today at (215) 550-1820 for a FREE Customized quote!!!

Levittown is a census-designated place and planned community located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, within the Philadelphia metropolitan area.  The population is roughly 51,818 (2019).  It is sometimes recognized as the largest suburb of Philadelphia even though it is not a municipality.  It started with a land purchase in 1951 and was planned and built by Levitt & Sons

Levittown Resources:

Historic Bolton Mansion – Their mission is to preserve and promote the history and legacy of the Pemberton family.  This is offered via historic tours, community events as well as the restoration of the mansion.  The mansion is historically and architecturally one of the most significant in the state.

Silver Lake Nature Center – Originally a man-made pond with records indicating that it appeared in its present location around 1689.  The nature center is 235 acres and is a “national treasure” that rests in the heart of the southern portion of Bucks County.  Contains many types of rare and threated animal and plant species in the state of Pennsylvania.

Bristol Township School District – Prepares and empowers the students to be productive and competitive members in an ever-changing global society. 

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