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COVID-19 Disinfection Services

Do Not Tackle COVID-19 On Your Own

BCS Facilities Group has over 30 years of experience in disinfecting surfaces.  Let our team help you keep your facility sanitized and your employees safe.  Never before has your facilities maintenance and cleaning program been more important.

At BCS we employ a two-step facilities disinfectant program.  First, with EPA "List N" wipes we wipe all common and open surfaces.  We follow that with a ULV Cold Fogging service to completely cover the entirety of the facility.  Give us a call today to discuss a facility disinfectant program.

Tips to Protect Your Employees

1.  Stay Home If You Are Sick: The best way to keep your employees safe is to make sure they are comfortable staying home if they are sick.  Encourage all employees who feel as if they are exhibiting flu-like sympotoms to remain home

2. Maintain a Professionally Cleaned Office: Routine cleaning and disinfectant services help to reduce the likelihood of spread.  It is important to understand that the two have to work together.  A dirty facility must be cleaned before it can be disinfected.  Keeping up with your facility's cleanliness will allow for the most effective disinfectant services

3. Keep Your Distance & Wash Your Hands: If possible, keep employees six feet apart during the work day.  Employees should be trained on proper hand washing technique and suggested frequency.  Face coverings are suggested.

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