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Warehouse Cleaning and Why it is Important

It is an essential part of any business to keeping your office or workspace clean, including warehouses or manufacturing plants which can get especially dirty pretty quickly. These types of workspaces are going to be quite larger than your typical office space, in which case they are likely to collect more debris with harder to reach places. Maintaining a regular strict cleaning schedule can prevent an accumulation of all the dust and debris.

As with other workspaces as well, a dirty warehouse takes away from being productive in operations by posing health and safety risks to your employees. A clean warehouse increases productivity and is easier and safer for workers. Below, we will discuss some main areas that warehouse cleaning should be focused on.


Warehouse floors see a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis and can make it difficult for the floors to be maintained. This area should be a top priority. Your cleaning service should be maintaining the floors clean of spills, dirt, scuff marks etc., with dust mops, scrubbers and other sweeper machines. The most common types of floors that should know how to be cleaned and maintained are concrete, tile, stole, carpet and rubber.


Another high priority area are the bathrooms. It is very crucial to the health and safety of warehouse workers and employees that all high touch areas and surfaces be sanitized daily. These typically include all counter tops, sinks and surround, toilets and the bases of them, door handles/push plates, fixtures etc.

Waste Management

Warehouses and manufacturing plants typically operate with longer extended hours than your typical office along with the high traffic. This makes the removal of all garbage and waste very critical to keep your warehouse running as smoothly as possible. When this is not done regularly and consistently, trash can pile up in the trash bins themselves, or it can start to creep into higher traffic common areas blocking machinery. This will cause problems with safety as well as productivity.

Some of the more common waste items in warehouses are paper products and cardboard, which can end up being homes to rodents, cockroaches or other types of pests! This could obviously have an impact negatively on inventory and overall productivity.

Contact BCS Facilities Group TODAY to look out for your workers and keep your warehouse running the best it ever has!

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