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Helpful Tips When Transitioning From One Janitorial Service to the Next

Changing cleaning services can be a pain and hopefully it is not done all too often. With our 30+ years of being in business there is an array of reasons to change your services. The most common reason being poor and/or lack of performance. With this comes eager Facilities Managers, Office Managers etc. asking "When can your company get started?" The answer is going to be 3-4 weeks.

During this time, there will be some very important processes being performed by your new cleaning servicer.

Team Building

One common fallacy that a lot of companies share is that our industry is filled with cleaning members ready to start as soon as possible. That is simply not the case. In most cases, once a new customer has been secured will janitorial servicers start the recruiting process. This could take multiple weeks with the recruiting search, interview process and background checks of all applicants. After that has been completed there will be activities for the onboarding process along with the appropriate training.

Development of the Operations Plan

Once all of the above has been completed, we then work together as a team to develop an operational plan. During this time, it is best practices to learning the workflow of your facility (I.e., areas of concern, etc.). With this upper management works together with our front-line cleaners to develop the most beneficial work plan.

Now, typically when you provide a 30-day notice of termination of services for the previous servicer, they would honor this as it is in their contract until the new servicer is in place. This is not always the case unfortunately. There will always be the vendors who will walk off the job once they are given notice. With this, below are a couple pointers for you to help make the transition as smooth as possible on your end if such occurrences happen.

Transitional/Temporary Services

One of the first steps to take is to reach out to your new servicer to see if they are able and willing to provide a transitional service before the official start date. This will usually be a scaled down version of what full services will be performed.

Remind Current Vendor of Contractual Obligations

With all of these steps being taken, it is important to reach out to your current vendor to simply let them know that it is their obligation to work through their end of the agreement. This could put a strain on possibly ever working together in the future if not.

Having a plan is important if you plan on changing cleaning services at some point in the near future. Know that there will be a transition period in between and having a proactive plan can most certainly save you the headache, and time along with allowing your next servicer to start off in a positive way.

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